At Tetraskelion, we believe those who challenge
the way they work today will lead the way tomorrow.


At Tetraskelion, while we demand outstanding teamwork, we also respect the individual and value her/ him as a unique person, with her/ his own specific aspirations & capabilities. Respect for the individual does not imply 'being nice' or 'agreeing' on everything. Please do not get me wrong. The employer should expect the employee to function to the best of their ability and fulfill established, well defined, and obtainable goals. The employer, under these circumstances, may very well expect success from the employee or termination would be in order. The key is the circumstances. However, employers, who would discriminate against an employee, for various reasons, can easily place an employee in untenable or impossible situations in which the employee will fail to fulfill expectations.

Management Team

Shital B. Mathur

Shital B. Mathur

Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Mr. Mathur, Microsoft certified IT professional, is having over 19 years of rich professional experience in technology leadership and consulting. He started his career as a Software Engineer and then he became a Strategic Business Associate (IT) in S With a string of remarkable achievement, he is known as CEO of TS and Founder of Inbound Travel Software and Trip Cloud. As the establishment of company, he gave numerous solutions to IT Industry. In his later years, he devoted much of his effort in understanding the need of Travel Industry.
His vision and hard work over the year derived a complete Modular system for Inbound Tour Operators that is making a difference in Travel Industry. He has been instrumental in building the framework of Travel Solution. His contribution in setting strategy and direction, leading senior executive team, marketing and financing helps in business expansion. Through his extensive knowledge and innovative ideas, company has been experiencing rapid growth from all angles.

Shubhra Mathur

Director (Operation and Administration)
Ms. Shubhra is a smart entrepreneur and IT professional with design background. Her rise of career was as an entrepreneur. She was owner and fashion consultant at Shubhi Creations. After working as a fashion consultant, she decided to take her career to the next level of IT Industry. She devoted her work with TS. Her designer perspective gave TS a new era. With the breadth of honed cross-functional skills, she administrates all aspects of concerned fields including development of strategy, financing, human resources, creation of company culture and looks after anything involved in the day-to-day running of the business.
Shubhra Mathur
Kalyan B

Kalyan B

Mr. Kalyan has more than 50 years’ of rich and diverse experience in various disciplines. In his previous role, he has worked as a chief engineer in Government Sector. His current role in company is paramount as an active, focused and supportive board. He oversees the management and coordination of all fiscal reporting activities for the organization. His significant experience helped company in order to get innovative ways to drive business growth and reach its full potential.


General Manager (Sales)
Ms. Shraddha Mathur has more than 12 years’ of great experience as relationship manager in Sales & Marketing, Business Development, and Corporate Communications with HDFC, Aviva and Kotak Mahindra. Having strong analytic skills, she has proven track record of rising revenues of business.
After having a rich experience, she decided to devote her work with IT Industry. In her current role, she acts as a general manager. Along with overseeing the marketing and sales function, she directs the team with a persistent eye on the sales location to attain everyday sales target of customers.
Shraddha Mathur

Some Pillars of TS

Some of the best minds in business are helping us behind the scenes, you can think them as our backbone.